Incorrect Prescription Claims

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Claim compensation for incorrectly prescribed medication

There are a bewildering number of drugs available for treating a wide range of medical conditions. In order to protect patients the most potent and dangerous medicines are not available to buy over the counter at a pharmacy but must be prescribed by a medical professional such as a GP. Some medicines can cause serious harm and even death.

We rely heavily upon the medical knowledge and professional judgement of doctors and pharmacists to ensure that drugs prescribed to us are safe and appropriate for us. It is an unfortunate reality that in some cases patients are prescribed or issued with incorrect medication due to the negligence of a doctor or the dispensing chemist. The consequences of these mistakes can be devastating for victims and their families.

Axiclaim are experts in seeking justice and compensation for incorrectly prescribed medicines. Our team of in-house solicitors have years of legal experience, enabling them to give you the very best advice and support.

Incorrect prescriptions and their consequences

Even if the medication or treatment is correct there may be problems associated with dosage or long-term use. Some drugs are addictive, toxic or have severe side effects and in certain cases the long-term effects of the prescribed medication may present a worse problem than the original complaint. Particular problems can occur if the dosage you were administered or advised to take is incorrect. Incorrect dosages and the wrong prescription can be particularly dangerous for children, who may be seriously harmed by an adult-sized dose of certain medicines. Medicines can also interact with each other and sometimes patients are prescribed two medications which should not be taken together.

If a medication has been incorrectly prescribed or administered, you have the right to seek compensation for any injury, harm or subsequent losses. Axiclaim has the experience necessary to seek a settlement reflecting the severity of incorrect prescription claims. We also have the training needed to offer you all the help, support and advice you need.

How can Axiclaim help me make a claim?

Axiclaim are the specialists when it comes to medical negligence and incorrect prescription claims. Using only our own in-house solicitors we can guide you through the legal process providing clear, honest advice and guidance as well as sympathetic support. You can trust Axiclaim to listen carefully and give you a straightforward evaluation of whether you could make a successful compensation claim.