Surgical Injury

No Win, No Fee

Injury Sustained as a Result of Surgery

If you or someone close to you has suffered injury as a result of surgical error, you will probably feel a range of emotions and possibly not have a full understanding as to what has gone wrong during your surgery.  Our team of specialist lawyers and experts at Axiclaim will carry out detailed investigations and advise you as to the nature and cause of the injury that you have sustained.

We regularly investigate and represent clients who have had injuries arising from a variety of surgical procedures and operations including keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery, gallbladder surgery, bowel surgery, vascular surgery, urological and gynaecological surgery, neurosurgery and heart surgery.

We have a large team of experts operating in all of these areas who are committed to optimal clinical management and care.  They will consider carefully the circumstances of your operation and check as to whether your treatment conforms to national guidelines for clinical management.

Our specialist legal team will advocate for you to obtain compensation to improve and restore your quality of life and enable care and support to be put in place as and when necessary.  We understand the traumatic effects that surgical injuries can have and will obtain compensation for any financial loss and hardship you have suffered as a result.



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