No Win, No Fee

Medical Negligence Compensation

Mistakes can sometimes happen. If a medical professional is negligent in their care towards you – meaning that the illness or injury you’re suffering with could have reasonably been prevented – you may be able to claim compensation in order to help you deal with the ongoing impact of those mistakes.

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Dental Negligence Compensation

Visiting the dentist isn’t the most enjoyable of experiences. But whether you’re afraid of the dentist or not, the vast majority of the time, your treatment will go as planned.  However negligence can occur which could lead to further injuries, infection or unnecessary treatment.

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Medical Product Compensation

Advanced technology means that we can now perform procedures through far less invasive means using some of the most innovative medical products on the market. However, the use of medical products can sometimes be unnecessary and may lead to further problems. If products have not been tested rigorously, they may also fail safety standards.

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