Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Negligent GP care causes avoidable amputation

Solicitors for Axiclaim have successfully recovered £265,000 in compensation for a patient who suffered a below the knee amputation as a result of a negligent delay in treating the patient’s symptoms.

The patient contacted her GP complaining of severe sharp pain all down her right hand side, into her leg and foot. She maintained that her right foot was discoloured, cold, extremely painful to touch, that she could not bear any weight on it and that the pain had increased over the weekend affecting her sleep.

The GP attended to her at home and she told him about all of these symptoms and stated several times over that the pain was different to her usual pain as a sufferer of multiple sclerosis. An examination was not carried out by the GP and he did not touch her legs or feet at all. He advised that her pain was due to her multiple sclerosis and prescribed high does morphine.

Axiclaim commissioned evidence from a GP expert who confirmed that if the patient’s evidence was accepted then the GP was negligent; he should have been concerned about the new type of pain and its’ severity and referred the patient to hospital for further investigations.

The patient took the Morphine as instructed for a few days however her symptoms did not improve. A second GP was called out who made a referral to hospital. She was diagnosed with critical limb ischaemia and underwent angioplasty and thrombolysis but the pain did not improve. She subsequently had her right lower leg amputated.

Evidence from a vascular expert stated with appropriate treatment, the amputation would have been avoided on the balance of probabilities.

The GP denied the allegations throughout and Axiclaim’s solicitors fought hard to seek justice for the patient. Despite their denials, an offer was made by the solicitors acting for the GP and the claim was settled out of court to the value of £265,000 representing damages for the patient’s pain and suffering and additional care needs.