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Have you or a loved one suffered because of a faulty hip replacement or a botched hip operation? As one of the leading law practices dealing with medical negligence claims our team of in-house experts are on hand to help you. Whether your claim relates to negligence in terms of your surgery, hospital treatment, as a result of a faulty hip replacement joint, or your care following the operation, you can trust our dedicated solicitors to provide sympathetic, expert advice.

Whether your operation was performed by the NHS or privately you have every right to expect a high level of care at all stages of your hip replacement. Regrettably, in some cases patients have an experience which falls well below these minimum standards. When this happens to you, a family member or loved one it can be a traumatic experience with sufferers having to endure months of additional pain, inconvenience and upset.

We are here to ensure that in cases involving negligent hip replacement those responsible will be held to account and you will be properly compensated for any distress or future care needs. We pride ourselves on delivering a caring service with the client’s welfare at its heart.

Help with a hip replacement compensation claim

Hip replacement operations are routinely carried out by both the NHS and private healthcare providers. However, the care and service that you receive should not be any less just because this is a standard surgical procedure.

In the majority of cases people undergoing hip replacement tend to be in the 60 – 80+ age range. This is due to the fact that as we age the normal ‘wear and tear’ on our joints can build up to the point whereby it becomes problematic. In these cases most elderly patients tend to require hip replacement due to the onset of osteoarthritis (so called ‘wear and tear’ arthritis) or rheumatoid arthritis. Both can be very painful conditions leading to months or perhaps years of suffering and reduced mobility before a replacement operation can be performed.

In cases such as these it can be a devastating experience for an older person to have endured long periods of pain waiting for an operation only to have that surgical procedure fail due to negligence or a faulty replacement joint (including ‘Metal on Metal’ or MoM devices). In such situations adequate compensation may be necessary to meet the cost of increased care needs, additional home modifications or future treatment expense for you or an ageing relative. Our in-house solicitors will ensure that your claim for negligent hip replacement is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst still ensuring that you or a loved one receive the maximum possible amount of compensation.

With us making a claim for hip replacement couldn’t be simpler

Finding out if you have a genuine claim for problems related to a hip replacement operation is easy. Our team of sympathetic medical negligence experts are on hand to listen to your experiences and give you an honest, clear answer on whether you have a valid claim against a healthcare provider.



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