Gynaecology Claims

No Win, No Fee

Gynaecological Injuries Resulting from Pregnancy, Birth or Surgery

Gynaecological injuries can occur as a natural consequence of childbirth, but sometimes these injuries are avoidable if management by the doctors and midwives is competent.  Gynaecological injury can also result from other surgical procedure, including total abdominal hysterectomy, contraceptive procedures, termination of pregnancy, sterilisation and failure to diagnose gynaecological disease, including cancer or infection.  Injuries that result, including incontinence and infertility, can be devastating, embarrassing and have an impact upon daily life.

At Axiclaim, our specialist lawyers will handle your claim with sensitivity.  If you would prefer, we can offer female lawyers who will liaise with our medical experts to provide you with legal advice on what are sometimes complex medical and legal issues. We will act in your best interests at all times in seeking to obtain compensation for you to restore you to as normal a life as possible.