GP Negligence Claims

No Win, No Fee

Legal Advice on GP care and treatment

We place our trust in our doctors and medical advisers, in particular our GPs. Most of the time they provide the right advice and treatment but mistakes can be made and can result in serious injury or even death.

The relationship between a patient and their GP can often be longstanding and built on trust. In that situation, it is difficult for a person who feels they have been neglected, to seek legal advice or compensation against their GP.  Alternatively, a patient might have received inconsistent care from a variety of different GPs or locum GPs, resulting in inconsistent advice and management which can lead to wrong or missed diagnosis.

We understand the sensitive nature of pursuing a compensation claim against your GP and will carry out any investigations with sensitivity and in confidence, obtaining and providing you with clear advice from our independent panel of medical experts.

GP failures can lead to crucial delay in diagnosing serious diseases such as cancer, whereby an earlier referral or diagnosis might have led to more successful treatment. GP failure in diagnosis might also mean that acute medical conditions are missed, when an earlier diagnosis could have avoided more serious injury.

The legal and medical team at Axiclaim will consider carefully the care that you have received, with reference to national clinical guidelines, and advise you whether you should be entitled to compensation for medical mismanagement. We will investigate with you the losses that you have suffered as a result, and advocate on your behalf for compensation for those.