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Cosmetic surgery is used to improve a patient’s appearance in some way. In addition to procedures such as breast implants, face lifts or tummy tucks, cosmetic surgery includes essential medical surgery such as skin grafts for burn patients.

Regardless of whether your cosmetic surgery is carried out by a private clinic or the NHS you have a right to expect reasonable standards of care and medical competence. If you have been let down by negligence, poor standards or a lack of care then Axiclaim can help you claim compensation from whoever is responsible.

Our dedicated team of friendly, in-house cosmetic surgery solicitors will be able to assess the circumstances surrounding cosmetic surgery claims and provide clear, trustworthy advice regarding a possible claim. Every year we help innocent victims of medical negligence pursue and win the compensation they deserve.

Are you a victim of botched cosmetic surgery?

The cosmetic surgery industry in the UK is worth around £300 million every year. Although it is often associated with the wealthy and famous, the majority of patients are ordinary people.

The cosmetic surgery market has grown swiftly and it is a sad fact that safeguards against negligence are still catching up. Some clinics or individual surgeons provide poor standards of care and this can leave you or a loved one with a large bill but no satisfactory solution to your needs.

Axiclaim has extensive experience in the field of medical negligence, with a proven track record of obtaining compensation from liable healthcare practitioners and practices. Whether you underwent plastic surgery with the aim of improving your appearance or as a matter of clinical necessity, you are entitled to receive a reasonable standard of care.

If reasonable standards of care were not met then you can be sure that cosmetic surgery claims will be dealt with in a sensitive and professional manner by our supportive and experienced legal team.

Are you entitled to compensation?

In cases of poor or negligent cosmetic surgery the results can be catastrophic for the person involved. If this has happened to you, a family member or loved one then you may be traumatised as well as being out of pocket. You may feel keen to prevent this experience from happening to someone else like you.

Our understanding and sympathetic staff can help you. And you can rely on us to provide excellent levels of service at every step.

Axiclaim will be there to seek the compensation you need to manage your pain, distress and future healthcare needs. Our cosmetic surgery claims team will help you get your life back on track.


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