Brain Injury Compensation

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Expert Legal Advice for Brain Injury Compensation

If you or a family member have been diagnosed as suffering from a brain or head injury, it can be a devastating life changing condition and you may be entitled to brain injury compensation. A brain injury can cause subtle but devastating changes, including physical disability, cognitive disability and more subtle personality changes which can have a huge impact on all involved.

Brain injury can be caused by external or internal trauma to the head or brain.  More commonly this is caused by an accident but it can also be caused by illnesses which are sadly not diagnosed in time to be treated.  A common cause of brain injury is a stroke, which is the subject of a national campaign to encourage people to recognise signs and symptoms.  Increased awareness of symptoms of a stroke has enabled quicker diagnosis, which does mean that treatment can sometimes now be provided quickly and effectively.

The brain is very complex, and can respond well to treatment. Effective and timely rehabilitation is important for all aspects of brain injury. Medical management by way of surgery can in itself, however, lead to damage, if not conducted appropriately. Examples of cases we have investigated include neurosurgery for epilepsy, tumour resection, evacuation of haematoma, insertion of shunts and treatment post traumatic brain injury.

At Axiclaim, our team of specialist solicitors are experts in dealing with cases of brain injury compensation.  There may be complex legal arguments with regards to the nature of the injury, which our specialist team of lawyers and experts will guide you through.  Importantly, our team are experts in obtaining specialist rehabilitation.  Our links with specialist brain injury case managers, neurological rehabilitation specialists and neurophysiotherapists can ensure you have access to the optimal rehabilitation.

We recognise that financial assistance is necessary for the future to maximise your recovery, remove any financial stresses and provide you with the support necessary to continue with your life.  The specialist team at Axiclaim will support you through this process.