Compensation Claims for Injuries Sustained Resulting in Amputation

No Win, No Fee

Expert Legal Advice for Injuries Resulting in Amputation

The loss of a limb through the negligence of another may enable you to claim compensation for the effects of that.  Compensation is important in obtaining specialist rehabilitation and enabling access to sophisticated prosthetic limbs and prosthetic experts.

Amputation can result from either traumatic injury to a limb or from a medical condition or disease. Sadly, sometimes the loss of a limb is as a result of negligent medical treatment, incorrect or late diagnosis.  Despite advances in medical knowledge and techniques, sometimes the limbs cannot be saved. Our specialist team of lawyers and experts will provide you with effective legal advice as to whether compensation will be available.  Our lawyers recognise the trauma caused by a lost limb and also the readjustment required to manage this, both physically and psychologically.

Our specialist team of lawyers and experts will seek early interim payments, where appropriate, to fund specialist rehabilitation and adaptations to your home with specialist equipment.  We will also refer you to specialist prosthetic experts where you can be assessed for technologically advanced prosthetics to enable you to return to as normal a life as possible.

We also understand that amputees may have difficulty with phantom pain and we can refer you to the appropriate specialist therapists and experts to assist you with this.