Fatal Accident Claims

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Fatal Accident Claims

The loss of a loved one is one of the most traumatic things an individual has to deal with.  It can be more devastating if the death could have been avoided with appropriate medical management, care and earlier diagnosis.  We trust our doctors most of the time to provide the right advice and treatment but mistakes can cause serious injury or death and have devastating consequences.  At Axiclaim,  we have a team of specialist lawyers and experts that offer emotional support through the difficult process of emotional fatal accident claims.  We understand the need to have questions answered and to see justice carried out.

If the circumstances of the death are not clear, an inquest is arranged.  An inquest is a legal enquiry into the medical cause and circumstances of a death and whilst it might be a distressing experience, it can sometimes answer or address concerns of the family.  If necessary we can offer advice and representation at any inquest.

Where the death occurs in an accident or incident and another party is thought to be responsible, financial compensation can be claimed on behalf of the Estate and the dependents of the deceased.

The specialist team at Axiclaim will offer sympathetic and practical advice on the complex area of fatal accident claims.