Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

No Win, No Fee

Have you been the victim of cancer misdiagnosis?

Both the diagnosis and treatment options for a wide range of cancers have improved vastly over the last twenty years and for many people being diagnosed with cancer is not the beginning of the end.

Prompt and adequate treatment relies on the cancer being diagnosed by health professionals as early as possible. Unfortunately sometimes symptoms are not recognized quickly enough or are misdiagnosed as relating to a different, less serious illness. This can lead to considerable additional suffering, reduced treatment options and a shortened life expectancy. In the very worst of cases it can lead to premature death.

Regardless of whether you were treated by the NHS or a private healthcare provider you have the right to expect a reasonable level of professional care. If you experienced substandard or negligent care then you may be able to claim compensation. Axiclaim are the people to turn to for help, support and legal advice when you are ready to claim compensation.

Delayed or failed diagnosis of cancer

Cancer can be an extremely aggressive and fast moving condition. Consequently, a quick and accurate diagnosis needs to be made so that treatment can begin as promptly as possible. Failure to diagnose cancer at the first opportunity, or a misdiagnosis in favour of a less serious condition, can seriously compromise the range of treatment options available.

In the case of either a delayed or failed diagnosis, cancer is much more likely to become a serious illness and a potentially terminal condition. At best you or a loved one may be forced to undergo a more aggressive regimen of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or radiology than otherwise would have been the case.

You may be faced with the prospect of being ill for much longer – meaning a more protracted period of lost income, increased travel expenses to obtain treatment and the likelihood of future care costs.

Axiclaim can help you secure the compensation necessary to safeguard your immediate needs, as well as your family’s long term financial stability.

Making cancer misdiagnosis claims

Axiclaim offers a complete solution to your medical negligence claim. Our dedicated team of in-house medical solicitors are specialists who will deal with your claim in a sensitive and professional manner.

No amount of money can compensate for the misdiagnosis of such a serious illness. But it can help you and your family face the practical, financial problems you face and may be a step towards a sense of justice.



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