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Any injury suffered by a mother or child during birth is a traumatic and upsetting experience for the whole family. Whether your child was delivered at home or in a modern hospital maternity suite you have the right to expect the very best standards from the medical professionals involved. If those standards are not met then birth injury claims and compensation can be an important step towards justice and closure.

At Axiclaim our team of specialist birth injury solicitors are experts in dealing with cases of medical negligence during pregnancy or labour – regardless of whether the problem was caused by the NHS or a private healthcare provider. In cases where your child has experienced lasting damage through the negligent actions of a medical provider or hospital, you will be rightly concerned about the child’s future welfare.

Axiclaim can help you secure the compensation necessary to safeguard your child’s security – especially including any future treatment or healthcare costs.

Medical negligence resulting in Cerebral Palsy or other birth injury claims

Labour and delivery are a critical time during any pregnancy. During this period it is essential that you and your unborn child are given the best possible medical advice and care. Failure to follow correct procedures, lack of qualified staff and outright negligence on the part of medical professionals can result in lasting damage to both mother and baby. Despite the ‘everyday’ nature of childbirth it is still a time when you or those you love most are vulnerable and require the highest standards of treatment.

Unfortunately, where injuries do result these can be of a serious and lasting nature – with the likelihood that they will continue to affect a child throughout their life.

One of the main concerns during childbirth is if your baby is not receiving sufficient oxygen. Where children have been starved of oxygen during labour this can cause irreparable brain damage and subsequent disability. A diagnosis of ‘cerebral palsy’ is often used as an umbrella term to cover a range of conditions with widely differing levels of severity.

In terms of delivery itself this must also be handled carefully to avoid trauma to the infant. In some cases where a medical practitioner has applied excessive force in the delivery of a child this can result in ‘brachial plexus’ injuries to nerves in the child’s neck and shoulder.

Axiclaim – specialist birth injury solicitors

In keeping with the sensitive and emotional nature of birth injury claims you need solicitors who are not only experts in medical negligence but who can also deal with your claim in an appropriate and understanding manner. You can trust our specialist team to listen to the circumstances surrounding your case and give you expert legal advice concerning your claim.

We understand that no amount of money may be able to compensate you but it can help to ease your worries concerning the future welfare of your child.
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