Ankle Replacement Compensation Claim

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Have you suffered after ankle replacement surgery?

Ankle joint replacement surgery should not be carried out lightly, or before attempting to solve the problem without surgery. It is vital to use components that are proven to be reliable in order to avoid problems from product failure, which can be very painful and debilitating.

Patients suffering from problems with ankle replacement joints can make a product liability compensation claim against the manufacturer of the product.

Failure to manage the patient’s needs properly may be grounds for a medical negligence compensation claim against the surgeon or the organisation responsible.

How are ankle joint replacements different?

Ankle joint replacement surgery is quite a new procedure compared with hip or knee joint replacement which is more established and better understood. Patients who undergo ankle replacement surgery often do so because they are suffering constant pain and discomfort, rather than attempting to restore full movement to the damaged ankle.

Unlike the more common hip operation, the replacement of the injured ankle with an artificial joint (often referred to as a ‘prosthesis’) will not generally restore a full range of movements. Compared with hips and knees the ankle is a much more complex joint, capable of moving in a wider variety of ways.

Making an ankle replacement compensation claim

The most obvious cases for compensation claims occur when the ankle replacement itself, or its components, either failed or proved to be significantly less effective than you were led to believe.
Continued discomfort or pain can have a negative effect not just on your life but upon the lives of family members too. There can also be damaging consequences from further complications, such as infection, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or even amputation. Further surgical intervention is often required.

You may feel that not all the available treatment options were explored prior to surgery. Perhaps you don’t think that your GP, hospital staff or consultant took all the necessary care of you or a loved one before, during or after your ankle replacement operation.

In circumstances like these you can feel confident in talking to us – our fully trained legal experts are on hand to give you the very best advice about your claim for compensation in relation to an ankle replacement product or procedure.

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