About Axiclaim

No Win, No Fee

With the combined experience of 65 years in the field of medical negligence, our team of specialist medical solicitors, backed-up by a network of highly-respected medical consultants, can give you clear, informed and friendly advice on your problem.

We understand that victims in medical negligence cases need the very best, specialist help when faced with complex medical procedures and a determined refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing.

The best help of all comes from friendly experts who you can trust to look after you – from the time when you realise something is wrong to the day when your compensation arrives.

No amount of compensation can take away the pain and distress caused by clinical negligence. But claiming compensation is a vital step towards justice and closure.

Our advisers are highly trained legal professionals – but otherwise they are ordinary people who really care about what you are going through and have experience helping people just like you.

We know that you need fast access to answers and support. That’s why our friendly medical solicitors are all based in-house. They are easy to contact using our website, email or telephone – whichever is most convenient for you.

Pursuing a medical negligence claim alone is usually far too expensive for an individual to consider. We operate on a “no win, no fee” basis – which just means that you don’t pay anything until we succeed in winning compensation for you. In the meantime we will guide you safely through the complicated process of making a medical negligence claim.

It’s probably a relief to know that the majority of our claims do not proceed to court. With our help the often-traumatic experience of court attendance is not something you need to worry about.

We combine state of the art online communication and technology with specialist medical negligence legal advice, creating the leading one-stop-shop for information and help throughout England and Wales.