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No Win, No Fee

Vertical hip causes reaction to metal debris

The Claimant suffered from pain in both of her natural hips since her late teenage years as a result of developmental dysplasia.   First, the Claimant underwent surgical treatment on her right hip without the need for a hip replacement.


However, after many years of suffering from significant pain in her left hip, the Claimant eventually underwent a left metal on metal hip resurfacing at the young age of 42.  Hip resurfacing was developed as a surgical alternative to total hip replacement and eliminated the need for a long stem in the thigh bone.


Only a year after the operation, the Claimant felt as though her hip was grating and she could hear ‘clunking’ coming from the hip.  At this early stage, the Claimant also suffered from discomfort when extending her left leg.


After developing additional symptoms in her lower back and buttock, the Claimant experienced a sudden and severe onset of pain which resulted in a trip to A&E.  She was diagnosed with a fractured pelvis.  She was also found to have raised metal ion levels in her blood indicative of excessively worn hip components.


The Claimant required further surgery to remove the components at which point the surgeon identified huge amounts of black metal debris around the hip joint.


Axiclaim’s Solicitors investigations revealed that the metal cup had been positioned almost vertically during the original operation which would have lead the joint to wear out quickly.  It was alleged that the surgeon was negligent in not using components specifically designed for dysplasia.  If the surgeon had done then he would not have fitted the components so steeply and the components would not have failed.


Due to the premature failure of her hip resurfacing, the Claimant has suffered from depression and now faces future re- revision operations which come with their own risks.


The Defendant Trust admitted that the surgeon had been negligent and, after negotiations, the claim was settled out of Court for £85,000.  The Claimant was delighted with the result.


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