Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Testicular torsion misdiagnosis

Solicitors for Axiclaim have successfully recovered £20,000 for a young male who suffered the loss of a testicle. This followed a hospital’s failure to diagnose and treat testicular torsion in a timely manner.


One morning Axiclaim’s client woke-up with a sudden onset of left-sided testicular pain. The pain radiated into his abdomen and made him nauseous. He was taken to A&E where he was triaged and noted to have “severe pain in his testicle”.


Unfortunately, despite quite obvious symptoms of testicular torsion he was prescribed pain relief medication and discharged the same morning.


The pain continued over the next few days. He returned to A&E two days later where he was diagnosed with testicular torsion and listed for urgent surgery. He underwent exploration of the scrotum which resulted in orchidectomy (removal of the testicle). Examination of the testicle confirmed that it had died as a result of testicular torsion.


Axiclaim’s solicitors commissioned opinion from an independent expert in urology. It was found that the symptoms at the first A&E attendance should have led to hospital staff considering testicular torsion. Had surgical opinion been sought he would have been listed for urgent scrotal exploration leading to the testicular torsion being confirmed and treated successfully, thereby saving the testicle.


Axiclaim’s solicitors were able to present allegations of negligence to the Trust and negotiate an out of court settlement in the sum of £20,000. This sum represented the pain and suffering caused by the delay, the cosmetic defect resulting from the loss of the testicle and the costs of a prosthetic testicle for cosmetic purposes on a private basis.