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Surgeon Negligent in Hip Replacement Surgery

After suffering from severe arthritis in her hip for years, the Claimant underwent a hip replacement in 2010.  She was told by her treating surgeon that she would be fitted with components made from ceramic material.  She was also told by her treating surgeon that she had had a leg length discrepancy of 1.5cm which needed to be corrected.


Initially, the Claimant was delighted with the results of surgery but soon began to experience the return of pain in the joint itself.  The Claimant also noticed that she dragged her foot, had numbness in her right shin and had very restricted movement which the treating surgeon blamed on the Claimant’s spine.


The Claimant’s physiotherapist measured both of her legs and found that her right leg was 2cm longer than her left.


As a result of the extensive problems suffered by the Claimant, she was advised to undergo revision surgery only two years later.  It was at this operation that it was discovered the Claimant had suffered a severe adverse reaction to metal debris.  The surgeon found blackened dead tissue, tissue torn from bone and the sciatic nerve encased in scar tissue. This came as a huge shock to the Claimant given that she believed she was fitted with a ceramic joint and not metal.


Upon further investigation by Axiclaim’s Solicitors, it was found that the Claimant’s treating surgeon had actually fitted a hip replacement made up of a ceramic cup and a metal ball.  Whilst using different materials in hip replacements is common, the surgeon in this case had used them the wrong way round.


This combination is not approved by any regulatory body or manufacturer in the world as it produces dreadful results.  The ceramic is a much harder material than the cobalt chrome used in the ball component and a huge amount of metal debris is shed causing a significant and devastating reaction from the body.


It was also determined that the treating surgeon had deliberately lengthened the Claimant’s leg by 2cm when no such correction was needed.


These allegations were admitted by the Defendant Trust almost immediately and, after some negotiation, the claim was settled out of court for £75,000.


Axiclaim’s Solicitors are also instructed in another case where the same surgeon has fitted exactly the same combination of hip components.


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