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Many people find a trip to the dentist a less than enjoyable experience. In most cases dentists provide a high standard of care in terms of the diagnosis and treatment of dental issues. However, when negligent dental work does take place it can have a dramatic impact on the victim, as well as the people who care about them. Victims of dental negligence may be eligible to claim compensation – and Axiclaim’s in-house team of specialist dental negligence solicitors can offer welcome help and advice.


What constitutes dental negligence?


When a dentist or hygienist causes harm, either through error or by administering an inappropriate treatment, there may be grounds for claiming dental negligence compensation. For instance, a perfectly healthy tooth may be removed without good cause, or treatment may result in painful damage to the patient’s mouth. Sometimes victims are placed under pressure to undergo expensive and painful treatments that are completely unnecessary. Negligent dental treatments can also cause psychological trauma, from increased levels of anxiety to more serious problems such as the development of a phobia.


The law surrounding dental negligence claims is complex and constantly evolving, but good advice and representation can facilitate a swift and satisfactory resolution.


As experts in the field of dental negligence Axiclaim can quickly determine whether you may be eligible to claim compensation.


How do you make a claim for dental negligence compensation?


Finding out if you are able to make a claim for dental negligence compensation is an important first step. If you feel you have been the subject of inappropriate or negligent action on the part of a dentist our friendly, experienced dental negligence solicitors will be happy to discuss the circumstances around your claim.


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