Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Patient scarred for life by GP

A young woman attended her GP for a routine mole removal. The patient had previously been informed that she would have the mole removed via a small surgical incision. However on the day of the minor surgery the GP changed the method of surgery. The GP attempted to use a chemical freezing agent. Once the procedure began it quickly became apparent that the GP was not familiar with the technique and applied the chemicals directly to the patient’s skin, causing a large and very painful chemical burn.


The burn resulted in the patient making several attendances to out of hours walk in centres and A&E to have the wound dressing changed.


After the patient involved Axiclaim’s Solicitors it came to light that the GP had never used the freezing technique and that the chemicals should never come into contact with the skin, it is the cold air given off by the chemicals that freezes the mole and aids removal.


Unfortunately for this particular patient her mole was never removed as the procedure did not work due to incorrect application, and she was scarred for life with a large irregular shaped scar on the top of her arm. The patient now wears long sleeve tops most of the time to cover up her arm and minimise the number of people that question her about it as she finds it embarrassing.


Axiclaim’s Solicitors did manage to secure both compensation and an apology for the patient. This has assisted the patient in finding closure in the matter and allowing her to move on and learn to deal with the scar on a daily basis.


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