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Leg amputation medical negligence claim case study

The Claimant was rushed to hospital after developing a severe crushing pain in his foot and calf after a few days of suffering from a dull ache.   The staff at the Defendant hospital could not palpate foot pulses and the leg was found to be critically ischaemic.


An angiograph was carried out the same evening with thrombolysis.  This form of treatment continued throughout the following day until a further angiogram found that the AT and TP trunks had completely occluded.  The Claimant became hypotensive and tachycardic and lost consciousness.  It was then discovered that the thrombolysis cannula had caused a through-and-through perforation of the external iliac artery.  This caused a massive bleed which could not clot due to the presence of thrombolytic drugs.  In order to save his life, the Claimant required an emergency above-knee amputation.


After becoming involved, Axiclaim’s Solicitors brought a negligence claim against the Healthcare Trust responsible.  The Trust admitted that they had been negligent and, with appropriate care, they admitted that the Claimant would have made a full recovery and would have not required amputation of his leg.  Following negotiations at a meeting with the Trust’s solicitors, an out of court settlement was agreed in the sum of £925,000.


The large amount of compensation enabled the Claimant to purchase a top of the range prosthesis which provides a high degree of safety as well as a natural gait.  It has also allowed our client to purchase level accommodation suitable for wheelchair use.


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