Leeds General Infirmary apologise to parents after death of their son.

Leeds General Infirmary apologise to parents after death of their son.

In 2010 Bradley Brough died in Leeds General Infirmary aged 11 years. Bradley had a congenital heart defect and required surgery to correct the flow of blood from his heart. Bradley was treated on the same children’s heart ward which was closed for investigation into its safety in 2013.


The team treating Bradley have admitted mistakes and that confusing messages were sent within his treating team. As a result of this Bradley had an incorrect surgical procedure performed initially; unfortunately this initial surgery also went wrong. However, the team treating Bradley did not notice their error immediately and this resulted in Bradley have to undergo a further 2 operations. This meant Bradley had 3 heart operations in 48 hours.


Bradley’s family were not kept fully informed about his condition during surgery and they were not updated once he had returned to the children’s ward. Unfortunately as a result of his treatment Bradley suffered a massive bleed to his brain and he died at hospital.


Leeds General Infirmary have written to the family and apologised for failings in the treatment provided to Bradley.


The investigations that were carried out at Leeds General Infirmary’s Children’s ward have concluded that the ward is safe to operate and that it does not have an unusually high death rate.

The Surgeon who performed the operations on Bradley, Mr Nihal Weerasena, has been suspended and is currently under investigation with the General Medical Council.

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