Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Late diagnose for chronic hip infection

The Claimant underwent a total hip replacement in March 2007 with standard hip components which, unfortunately, was complicated by an early dislocation the following day.  Due to the degree of instability, the Claimant’s surgeon decided to replace the components immediately.  This was successful and, initially, the Claimant, made a successful recovery.


However, over the following months, the Claimant developed significant buttock and thigh pain.  The Claimant’s surgeon carried out a number of investigations, including x-rays, an ultrasound scan and blood tests and it was suspected that the components had loosened.  A further operation was carried out in 2008 to replace the cup and head.  The femoral stem was left in place.


The Claimant continued to suffer from symptoms and it was not until three years later that the Claimant’s surgeon diagnosed chronic hip infection.  As a result, the Claimant had to undergo a two-stage revision operation.  The first stage removed all components and left the Claimant with an antibiotic spacer until, five months later, new components could be fitted.


Axiclaim’s solicitors alleged that the various investigations carried out in 2008 actually identified an infection around the hip components and the Claimant’s surgeon should have carried out a two-stage revision then rather than three years later.


The Defendant admitted negligence at the first opportunity and settlement was negotiated out of court for £50,000.  The Claimant was extremely happy and was keen to enjoy the money.