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No Win, No Fee

Hospital negligence leaves construction worker with life changing hand injury

The use of our hands is integral to who we are and how we function on a day to day basis.


It is easy to take for granted but, when even slightly impaired, it becomes clear that we are hugely reliant on our hands for a wide variety of functions, including touching, gripping, feeling, holding and manipulating.


They also play a crucial role in communication and self expression. No matter what the culture or social context, our hands and face are central to the way we present ourselves to others. Our thumbs in particular are vital in the proper functioning of our hands.


Axiclaim’s Solicitors are experienced in representing Claimants with life changing hand injuries.


So when Mr C, a construction and demolition worker, approached them with nerve damage to his thumb, they understood that this would have an enormous impact on almost all aspects of his life.


Mr C had undergone what was supposed to be a simple removal of a benign cyst at the base of his right thumb.


However, failings in the care he received meant that his nerves were damaged during the surgery. Mr C was left in significant pain with a devastating loss of function in his thumb and right hand.


Mr C underwent a nerve reconstruction surgery but sadly he was left with numbness, chronic pain and permanent disability.


Devastatingly, this meant that Mr C was no longer able to do his job or work again in any manual labouring role.  He was determined not to let his injury stop him working and he retrained in a more sedentary role. However, because Mr C was starting again, his earnings were much lower than before.


The Defendant Hospital Trust argued that Mr C’s injuries were not severe and insisted that they had very little impact on his life. They disputed that Mr C was entitled to a high award of compensation.


However, with their specialist knowledge and understanding, Axiclaim’s Solicitors fought hard on Mr C’s behalf and secured a total of £215,000 in compensation.


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