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No Win, No Fee

Hip replacement product liability case study

Settlement: £100,000 plus costs

TH v Mr J (Consultant)

Our client underwent a hip replacement operation in Oct 2008. Unfortunately, there was problem with the hip replacement which was not spotted during the surgery – one of the parts was of an incorrect size and should not have been used.

Because of this within 4 months our client began to experience pain and a blood test quickly identified that there was a significant problem caused directly by the faulty hip. A full 2 years later the problem had grown significantly worse – part of the hip replacement itself had broken and more surgery was needed.

Sadly for our client when the consultant (Mr J) carried out the operation he failed to notice that there was a further issue with damaged hip replacement. To make matters worse the surgeon used an incorrect part when carrying out the replacement. Some 3 months later our client had still not made a complete recovery.

We were pleased to be asked to help and those responsible were quick to admit that they had breached their duty of care to our client.

On behalf of our client we sought damages for both the problems to date and the increased risk of cancer that they might be exposed to as a direct result of the breakdown of the hip replacement.

The Defendant settled with our client in the sum of £100,000 plus all legal costs in full and final settlement.