Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Forgotten Stent Passed 9 Years Later

Solicitors for Axiclaim have successfully recovered £20,000 in compensation for a patient who passed a ureteric stent through his urethra due to an NHS hospital’s failings.


Several years ago the male patient developed kidney problems which required insertion of the stent. The stent was a temporary measure and the patient was advised the stent would be removed around six months later. The patient had further surgery six months later as planned. During surgery the stent was removed but a decision was made to fit a further temporary stent as part of his treatment


The patient was not given advice that a further temporary stent had been inserted and this was not clearly recorded in the post-operative records. As a result no further follow up was arranged and unbeknown to the patient the stent remained in situ for many years longer than its intended life.


Over the years the patient has suffered recurring urinary tract infections of which the cause was unknown. Nine years later, when passing urine the patient endured an immense pain and to his surprise passed an object through his urethra which turned out to be part the retained stent.


The patient sought further medical advice and surgery was needed to remove the stent which had degraded into multiple parts over the years.


Axiclaim commissioned evidence from an expert in urology who confirmed that the failure to remove the stent amounted to negligence and not only would this have caused excruciating pain passing the stent naturally it was also the probable cause of his recurrent urinary infections.


Solicitors for Axiclaim put forward allegations of negligence to the NHS Trust and obtained an admission of liability. After investigating the likely value of the claim an out of court settlement was reached in the sum of £20,000 representing damages for the patient’s pain and suffering and additional care needs from the complications.