Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Family receive compensation following the death of a loved one to cancer

Axiclaim’s Solicitors have succeeded in a tragic case, in recovering compensation for a family who lost a wife/mother to cervical cancer. The settlement was in the sum of £190,000.


This was a very sad case. Initially the Claimant came to Axiclam’s Solicitors to ask for assistance in pursuing the Healthcare Trust for the delay in diagnosing her cervical cancer. The Claimant sadly passed away shortly after seeking help from Axiclaim’s Solicitors. The case was then carried forward by the Claimant’s husband.


The delay in diagnosis occurred when the Claimant had a smear test that was falsely reported as negative when it was in fact positive for cervical cancer. Unfortunately the correct diagnosis was not made until the Claimant’s cancer was far advanced, and despite chemotherapy treatment the cancer was terminal.


After becoming involved, Axiclaim’s Solicitors brought a negligence claim against the Healthcare Trust responsible.  The Trust admitted that they had been negligent and, with appropriate reporting and treatment they admitted that the Claimant was likely to have survived.  An out of court settlement was agreed so the family did not have to go through the trauma of attending Court.


The compensation went to the Claimant’s mother and husband for the care that they had provided during her illness, as they had nursed her at home for the majority of the period the Claimant was unwell. The Claimant’s son also received compensation for loss of a mother at such a crucial age to a young teenage boy.


The family were delighted at the settlement and intended to piece their lives back together as best they could.


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