Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Family devastated at loss

A lady came to Axiclaim’s Solicitors shortly after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She wanted to sue her GP for failure to diagnose her cancer. She had been complaining to her GP for a number of months about her altered bowel habits.


Her GP simply put her condition down to an irritable bowel and stress. When the lady was finally referred for investigations they were not requested urgently. When the lady’s cancer was diagnosed it was too late for her to be cured.


The lady to Axiclaim’s Solicitors to try and seek compensation and to make sure that her GP did not make the same mistake again.


Sadly the lady passed away shortly after she contacted Axiclaim’s Solicitors. The Lady’s husband took up the claim on behalf of her estate as he knew she would have wanted to see the claim through.


After seeking assistance from the top cancer surgeons and clinicians in the country it transpired that even if the lady’s GP had referred her at the first appointment she would still had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. This was because the cancer was slow growing and had developed over a number of years.


However, Axiclam’s Solicitors were able to prove that she would not have needed an additional surgery that she had on an emergency basis and that she would have been provided with palliative care for a longer period, which would have seen her more comfortable and able to enjoy more of her last days with her family.


The claim was settled in favour of the lady’s estate, which received an award of £15,000. The lady’s family were delighted with the outcome of the claim and were pleased that their wife’s and mother’s claim had been successful as they knew this would have pleased her.