Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Young mum’s life at risk after ruptured pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancies are a complication of pregnancy, where a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb, usually in one of the fallopian tubes.


Sadly, the pregnancy will never be viable but early diagnosis can enable timely medical treatment, avoiding the need for surgery. With early treatment, the fallopian tube can often be saved and the chances of future conception maximised. Delays in diagnosis can lead to life threatening rupture of the pregnancy.


It is therefore crucial that doctors and nurses act on the warning signs.


In March 2012 Rachel was around 6 weeks pregnant. She presented to the Accident and Emergency department of the Hospital with pain and bleeding, worried about her early pregnancy.


An ultrasound scan showed no sign of an intra-uterine pregnancy and Rachel was told that she would need Beta HCG tests to exclude an ectopic pregnancy.


The necessary tests were performed and Rachel was discharged home whilst the results were awaited. The Hospital assured Rachel that if the tests raised any cause for concern or there was any suggestion of an ectopic pregnancy, they would notify her straight away.


The test results were quickly reported within the Hospital and showed a likely ectopic pregnancy.


However the Hospital negligently failed to contact Rachel to let her know.  When she did not hear from the Hospital, Rachel was reassured that all was well with her pregnancy.


Sadly, around a month later, Rachel’s condition deteriorated and she was rushed to Hospital where she was diagnosed with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. She required emergency surgery and lost her affected fallopian tube. She had suffered significant internal bleeding and required a large blood transfusion. The experience was extremely distressing for Rachel, who until then had thought that she was going to be a Mum.


Rachel had already experienced fertility issues in the past. Unfortunately, as a consequence of the surgery, her chances of conceiving again were impaired.


Axiclaim’s Solicitors secured £14,000 in compensation for Rachel. She was pleased to see an end to this difficult chapter in her life. She intends to use her compensation to pay for IVF so that she has the best chance of having a family of her own.