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No Win, No Fee

Dental patient scarred for life

Axiclaim’s Solicitors achieved a settlement for a young woman, aged 25 at the time of injury, who suffered severe facial scarring.


The young woman attended her dentist for a routine check-up. She was informed that two of her wisdom teeth needing removing, and an appointment was made for her at the Defendant Healthcare Trust’s dental hospital.


The young woman attended the routine appointment at the Defendant Healthcare Trusts hospital and the wisdom teeth were removed under general anaesthetic.  When the young woman came round from the anaesthetic she was informed by the dental surgeon that the extraction of the teeth went well, however a burn had been caused to the right side of her lower lip.


The young woman asked Axiclaim’s Solicitors for help as the scar from the burn was large and red and initially caused her pain when eating. Axiclaim’s Solicitors wrote to the Defendant Healthcare Trust on behalf of the young woman, alleging they had been negligent in allowing the dental instruments to become so hot that they caused a burn and scarring to the young woman.


The Defendant Healthcare Trust responded and admitted that they had been negligent in allowing the instruments to become overheated and cause injury to the young woman.


The young woman was left with a 0.5cm x 3cm scar to the right side of her lower lip. The scar was very noticeable and it was recommended that the young woman may wish to have further surgery in the future to make the scar thinner.  The value of the claim was based on the pain and suffering that the young woman had gone through, both physically and mentally, and for special scar covering make up that she would need to use for the rest of her life.


Axiclaim’s Solicitors entered into negotiations with the Defendant Healthcare Trust and a settlement was eventually reached at £18,000. The young woman received 100% of her compensation and was delighted with the result achieved, which included an apology from the surgeon.


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