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No Win, No Fee

Cerebral palsy medical negligence case study

Settlement: £2.55 million

In many instances Cerebral Palsy arise because of a child being starved of oxygen during birth. However, this is not always the case. On this occasion the child’s father had a known hereditary condition which meant that they should have received a full blood transfusion immediately after birth.

Tragically, this was not carried out and, as a direct result, the child developed jaundice and brain damage.

Upon our becoming involved in the case we sought significant damages for both the child and their parents, not only for the brain damage suffered, but also for future care costs and expenses. Eventually, we were instrumental in the Health Trust concerned admitting responsibility and agreeing to settle with our clients for the substantial sum of £2.55 million.

This was of immense help to our clients who at the time of the settlement had moved to a new home allowing a lift to be installed to help with the care of their child.