Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Axiclaim Solicitors step in after hernia repair surgery complications

A Hospital Trust has paid out £55,200 in compensation following complications during laparoscopic hernia repair surgery.

Mr C was admitted to the Defendant Hospital for hernia repair surgery. Very quickly after the operation he was noted to have a swollen abdomen, excruciating pain and a fever.

Mr C continued to deteriorate over the following 48 hours, at which point a decision was made to perform a laparotomy. A small bowel perforation was noted with faecal contamination in the abdomen. The perforation was repaired; a wash-out performed with removal of all foreign materials and a temporary stoma was performed.

Mr C was subsequently transferred to intensive care where he remained for 45 days.

Mr C underwent numerous minor procedures over the course of his hospital admission and he was eventually discharged approximately 3 months later.

Axiclaim’s Solicitors represented Mr C in a clinical negligence claim against the Hospital Trust. Evidence was obtained which confirmed that had an appropriate examination of the bowel occurred at the end of the initial operation, the perforation would have been evident and repaired immediately thus avoiding the requirement for further surgery and a complicated recovery period.

It was also identified that there was a significant delay in diagnosing and acting upon the subsequent development of peritonitis.

Furthermore, subsequent evidence revealed that Mr C suffered a psychiatric reaction as a result of the negligence.

An out of court settlement of £55,200 was awarded.