Case Studies

No Win, No Fee

Anaesthetic medical negligence case study

Settlement: £500,000

In this case our client had undergone a procedure known as ECT (or Electro-Convulsive Therapy) during which it was necessary for them to be put under a general anaesthetic. Unfortunately, as a direct result our client began vomiting whilst unconscious – which caused a blockage in his windpipe. Due to this no oxygen reached his brain for some time and tragically he suffered a degree of brain damage as a result.

After becoming involved to press our clients case against those healthcare professionals responsible an immediate offer of £100,000 was made. Further negotiations resulted in an actual settlement of £500,000.

This was of immense benefit to our client as it enabled them to buy a new home which had been specially adapted to meet his needs. It is thought that this is one of the largest settlements of its kind to be agreed in the UK to date.